MCZ's collaboration with Noritake Kinashi will be released.

The great comedian, singer, artist and bicycle seller, Noritake Kinashi (Tunnels), announced on his radio show that he will be releasing a digital distribution mini-album in the near future.

Noritake Kinashi has been using this radio show (Kinashi no Kai, TBS Radio) to actively pursue his music career, and has already released one album in the past.

This time it will be a sequel to that and he will be releasing five songs.

One of the songs is a collaboration with Momoiro Clover Z. 

The song's title is very long: "To make the best of every day, take action, watch your words, set up early, make everything interesting, and the answers will come later."

The song was originally written by Hidetaka Kano and Ken Horiuchi (both comedians) and sung by the four of them, plus Shozo Endo (comedian) and Noritake.

But, Noritake recorded the song with MCZ without telling the four of them.

In the FNS Music Festival broadcasted in early summer, the song was performed by 8 members of both groups combined.

The timing of the distribution will be announced soon.