Mononofu's summer is finally over.

Today, MCZ held a live performance without an audience, broadcast over the Internet.

The title of the live was "The LIVE - Summer without Giving Up - in ABEMA", and the setlist reflected the feelings of not being able to hold a large-scale live.

The 13 songs performed during the 95-minute live were as follows.

  1.  Lady May
  2.  Ai wo tsugu mono (Inheriting Love)
  3.  Roadshow
  4.  On Your Mark
  5.  Hashire - ZZ ver.
  6.  Tsukiiro Chainon
  7.  Neo Stargate
  8.  Nippon Egao Hyakkei - ZZ ver.
  9.  The Golden History
  10.  Re:Story
-- Encore
  1.  Hoero
  2.  PLAY!
  3.  Monoclo dessin - ZZ ver.

Of these, the seventh song "Neo Stargate" and the last song "Monoclo dessin" were performed for the first time since MCZ became a four-piece.

This live performance will be streamed again as a "complete version" after October 4th. (However, it seems to be limited to Japan only.) 


Anonymous said…
Thank you, you are a lifesaver for overseas fans!
By the way, I didn't know the song "Monoclo dessign" yet. Do you, by any chance, meant "Monoclo Dessan" instead?

Thank you for your message.
As usual, we apologize for showing our poor language skills.
As you pointed out, there is no such spelling as "dessign".
The correct spelling is "dessan" in romanized form, and "dessin" in French based on etymology.
We think we will use "monoclo dessin" in this site from now on.
Thank you for your continued support.
We later checked the official lyric video and found that the notation on the screen was "monoclo dessin".