Producers talk about MCZ's immediate plans for the future.

This week, MCZ's producer Kawakami shared his thoughts on the future direction of MCZ's activities in his streaming radio broadcast.

Currently, Japan is still suffering from the effects of the spread of the new coronavirus, and music festivals are being cancelled or scaled down one after another.

MCZ, too, has given up on the big summer concert scheduled at the MetLife Dome (Seibu Stadium), and has switched to a paid, non-audience live broadcast on Abema TV (internet broadcasting) on September 19 (the same day the concert was scheduled).

Taking these circumstances into consideration, producer Kawakami said, "We want to hold  live concerts in a way that suits the current situation."

Specifically, they would like to set up small venues instead of large ones, and have MCZ tour each region.

In that case, they are thinking of a rule that the audience will not move across prefectures and will not cause a big movement.

"We would like to start this as early as October." Kawakami announced that he would like to hold the event in Tokyo first, limiting it to Tokyo residents only.

Apart from this, he also announced that he had already secured a venue for the annual New Year's Eve live performance on New Year's Eve, and expressed his intention to hold it with an audience.

-- We're looking forward to both of these events.