RENI contributed to the Tigers.

As we reported yesterday, RENI threw out the first pitch for the NPB game between the Tigers and Giants at Koshien Stadium today.

We can't attach a capture of the TV broadcast, but here are a few videos posted on twitter from seats at the stadium.

RENI took one bounce, but pitched accurately and was praised by the stands.

In the crucial game, Teruaki Sato, the player RENI is rooting for the most, unfortunately couldn't play an active role. He struck out two times, and was sent to the bench.

Teruaki has now gone 33 consecutive at bats without a hit.

On the other hand, the Tigers, who had trailed by six runs through five innings, tied the game in the seventh.

(The result of the game will be added later.) 


The match ended in a draw.

This allowed the Tigers to maintain their lead in the standings.