RENI posted some pictures of herself in cosplay.

RENI updated her Instagram and posted some photos of herself in cosplay for a TV project.

This is one of the characters from "Umamusume Pretty Derby," a game for smartphones that is a big hit in Japan right now.

The character is affectionately called "Gorushi-chan", but her original name is "Goldship", a racehorse.

"Uma Musume" is a game with an unusual setting, in which racehorses are personified as girls and nurtured.

The gist of RENI's comment is as follows

I cosplayed as Goldship from "Umamusume".

I received this offer at a time when I was really into "Umamusume".

It really was like a dream come true.

What's more, the reason why I started watching "Uma Musume" was because one of the fans told me that the character of Goldship was perfect for RENI-chan."

By the way, I'm currently training Goldship in the app as well.

But my favorite horses are TokaiTeio and Meziro-macQueen.

Basically, I love them all!