The song with the longest title in MCZ history will be released.

Legendary comedian, singer, artist, and bicycle seller "Noritake Kinashi" will release his digital EP "Kinashi Music Connection 3" on October 3rd.

All of the five songs on the EP are collaborations with famous actors, TV personalities, and comedians.

The first song of the series is a collaboration between MCZ and Noritake Kinashi, which was performed for the first time at the "FNS Kayousai (Music Festival) 2021 Summer" and attracted a lot of attention.

The official title of the song has now been revealed, and in romaji, this would look like this.

"Saikou na Mainichi ni Surutame ni

Jibun kara Attack shite Kotoba ni Kiwotuke

Mood yoku susumeru you

Shikake wa hayame Subete Omoshirogari

Kotae wa oioi Yattekurukuruku--ru Z!!

Tsumari, Kotae Sagashi no Mainichi wo!

feat. Momoiro clover Z & NoriKuro"

The translation would probably be something like this (although it is difficult)

"To make the best of every day.

Attack on your own, but be careful what you say.

Make sure you are in the right mood.

Do it early and make it all fun.

The answers will come gradually..come,come Z!

In other words, "Search for answers every day!"

feat. Momoiro clover Z & NoriKuro"


AYAKA commented on this release as follows.

When Noritake Kinashi told me that it would be great if we could make music together someday, I thought it was just a flattery from an adult, but I never thought I would be able to participate in such a wonderful project so soon.

I felt that this was the depth of the Star talents' pockets.

It was a dream come true for us to be included in this project, and we loved it very much.

It's full of playfulness and our thoughts!

Please listen to it.