The stage performance at Meiji-za was announced to be postponed.

The second stage performance at the Meiji-za Theater, which was announced to star SHIORI and MCZ (the first one is taking place in the summer of 2019 with AYAKA in the lead role), has been postponed in order to deter the spread of the new coronavirus.

Tickets that have already been sold will be refunded.

In another earlier performance at the Meiji-za Theater, a cluster among the performers occurred, and more than 20 people were infected with the coronavirus at once.

According to the comments of producer KAWAKAMI, they took all possible precautions since a large number of people were involved even in the preparation stage of the stage.

MCZ has announced that during this period (10/2-10/4), instead of performing on stage, they will be performing five 90-minute live shows at the Meiji-za Theater.

From the perspective of controlling the flow of people, the rule seems to be that only Tokyo residents can participate.

We are still not in an environment where we can fully enjoy entertainment. It looks like we will have to be patient for a while longer.