AYAKA has announced additional information on AYAKARNIVAL.

Today, AYAKA announced additional information about AYAKARNIVAL (to be held at Nippon Budokan on November 17) via live streaming on YOUTUBE. (The video streamed on YOUTUBE has been archived.)

Apparently, two more groups will be added to the already announced five groups and AYAKA herself.

(The five already announced groups are as follows)

  • Up-Up Girls (2nd term)
  • HKT48
  • EMPiRE
  • COMING FLAVOR (from SKE48)
  • ≠ME (Not equal Me)

Today, in the video, it was announced that in addition to this, the "Chou Tokimeki Senden bu (means'Super Tokimeki Advertising Department')" would be performing.

In AYAKARNIVAL, groups from Stardust Promotion, who are directly junior to AYAKA, have tended not to perform. This time, they seemed to have dared to join.

We look forward to the rest of the information.