KANAKO made Chiffon's dream come true.

YURUMERUMO! (You'll melt more!), an idol group that has been active since 2012, Chiffon, the core member who has been in charge of the red color since 2013, reported that she went to KANAKO's solo concert last weekend.

YURUMERUMO! has been professing to be a group inspired by MCZ, especially 'Pinky Jones', since its inception.

Among them, Chiffon was known as enthusiastic Mononofu.

In the past, YURUMERUMO! had also preformed on stage at MCZ's large scale live, and each time Chiffon spoke of her respect to MCZ.

But Chiffon graduated from Yurumuru-mo and ended her idol activities at the live held at Zepp DiverCity (TOKYO) in Tokyo on October 10.

Chiffon went to KANAKO's solo concert that weekend, and apparently she was able to meet KANAKO backstage.

According to Chiffon's Twitter page.

KANAKO-chan gave me a hug and said "I'm always watching you on Twitter, thank you."
And she said "Thank you for your hard work, YURUMERUMO!"
I'm so glad to hear that.

In addition, Chiffon wrote the following comments on Instagram.

Thank you, KANAKO-chan, for making my dream come true.
I really, really love you.
I love you so much.

Chiffon also went into a bit more detail on Twitter, expressing her gratitude as follows.

I wanted to become an idol like KANAKO-chan, so I joined YURUMERUMO!
And I like KANAKO-chan so much that I became the person in charge of red.
I'm glad I'm alive because I was able to meet her in person and express my gratitude.
I can't tell you how many times KANAKO's smile and words have saved my life.
It was all I could do to tell her to be happy.
Thank you.