KANANO's solo concert has received rave reviews.

MCZ's KANAKO gave her first solo concert at Saitama Super Arena yesterday and today.

The concert was titled "Talk With Me -- Cinderella Time" and was directed by Katsuyuki Motohiro, the director of the movie "Maku ga agaru (means 'The Curtain Rises')" starring MCZ.

The tweets from Mononofu after the concert were overwhelmingly full of praise.
The reported set list is as follows.

The 13th song, "Hikari (means 'the Light')", seemed to be a new song written by KANAKO.
"Hikari" refers to the type of Shinkansen train (the second fastest of the three levels).

For a long time, from when she was in high school until after MCZ became a major label, KANAKO had to travel about 260 kilometers each way from her parents' home in Shizuoka Prefecture to Tokyo to work.
It is known that she frequently used the last Shinkansen train "Hikari" (departing from Tokyo Station at 22:03 and arriving at Hamamatsu Station at 23:17) for this purpose.

The lyrics were written about 10 years ago, when KANAKO was writing down her thoughts on her way back to Shizuoka after work.

The title of the concert, "Cinderella Time," apparently refers to KANAKO's time on this last train, "HIKARI."

1. Tamashii no tabemono
2. D no Junjou
3. Kiminoato
4. Taiyou to ekubo
5. Ai Oboeteimasuka
6. Sorezore no mirai
7. Yumeno Ukiyo ni saitemina
8. Revival
9. Tsuyogari
10.The Show
11.Akai Genya
12.Tuxedo mirage
14.Hakkin no Yoake
AC2.Wakatte irunoni
AC3.Nagisa no lalala..

The fifth song, "Ai Oboedemasu ka (means 'Do you remember that love?') was sung by "Lin Ming Mei" in the hit anime movie "The Super Dimension Fortress Macross" 37 years ago.