MCZ performed at the Aso Rock Festival.

Today and tomorrow, MCZ performed at the first day of the "Aso Rock Festival" held at the Kumamoto Prefecture Open Air Theater, Aspecta.

"Aso Rock Festival" is a music festival that has been held since 2015, initiated by 73-year-old legendary folk singer Shigeru Izumiya.

The festival began as a response to the massive eruption of Mount Aso in 2014, which led to a decline in the number of tourists.

The event had been held every year since then, but due to the new coronavirus, this was the first time in three years.

However, three days before the event, on October 20, Mount Aso erupted again, and there were fears that the event would not be held again.

After the safety was confirmed, MCZ performed 6 songs at the event which was held successfully.

The set list is as follows.

  • Golden History
  • Decorations
  • xiao yi xiao
  • Hoero
  • Ashes and Diamonds
  • Fight! (Cover of Miyuki Nakajima's song)

Also, Shiori, who has injured her right hand, danced with only her left hand.

Photo of the backstage (Shigeru Izumiya and MCZ) released by the producer KAWAKAMI is here.

Photo of the venue released by the official Twitter of Aso Rock Festival is here.



Kim said…
Just wanted to leave a comment to thank you for your work in bringing us Momoclo news every day. I really appreciate it!
Thank you for your comment.
We will do our best to convey the appeal of MCZ to the world as much as possible.