MCZ's radio took the top ranking.

According to various media reports, MCZ's program "Momoclo Club xoxo" won the "sole top spot in the same time slot among all stations" in the "Metropolitan Radio Listening Rate Survey" conducted from September 6 to 12 this year.

Radio programs in the Tokyo metropolitan area are surveyed about once every two months to measure their listening rates, and the results are used as a major factor in deciding whether a program will continue or end.

"Momoclo Club xoxo" has always had a high listening rate, and has been the "sole leader among all stations in the same time slot" and "tied for first among all stations in the same time slot," but there was no report of its acquisition in the last survey in June.

In the same time slot as "Momoclo Club," other stations have "Nogizaka46" on NHK-AM ch1 and "Kazunari Ninomiya (Arashi)" on BAY-FM, and the competition is fierce.