RENI cried on stage at the Meiji-za Theater.

MCZ held a live performance titled "ORIGIN" at the Meiji-za Theater for three days (five stages) until October 4.

During this period, producer KAWAKAMI had been streaming some parts of the stage and backstage on twitter, and among them, there were several times when RENI was regretting her performance.

When singing "BLAST!" from the set list, there was a scene where RENI read a long poem in the intro part, but it seemed that she couldn't do it well in the first few performances.

During the talk on the last day of the show, KANAKO urged RENI, "Why don't you try again?

Producer Kawakami has posted the scene on his Youtube site. (From around 8 minutes and 18 seconds in the link below, KANAKO encourages RENI to try again.)

Then, around 10 minutes and 33 seconds, RENI makes another attempt. (below)
Successfully, RENI cried on the stage.

The poem that RENI read out was as follows

A journey without end
Countless puddles on the rough road
How do you see your face reflected in the water?
Are you alive?
Are you dead while you live?
No. Are you trying to live in this moment?
Are you trying to live?
It's a never-ending question.
Connecting yesterday to tomorrow
There is no substitute, a diary to write
You rely on the path you've taken.
Until the time when it bursts open
Open that door with your own will
No matter how hard we try, we are weak
That's why you have to be strong and keep going.



(This is where the music of BLAST! begins.)


Anonymous said…
Really great report! Thank you for showing this heartwarming moment. That's one of the reasons why I became a fan of MCZ!
Thank you for your comments.
We will do our best to keep you updated on the fascinating scenes of MCZ.