RENI was crying before the radio.

Today, MCZ's regular radio program "Momoiro Clover Z's Suzuki Happy Clover, Top 10" was aired live on air. (Most of the time, the show is recorded.)

In it, KANAKO told us that RENI was crying a lot just before the broadcast.

According to RENI, it was tears of joy.

Today, Teruaki Sato, whom RENI is rooting for, hit his 24th home run (just before the radio broadcast).

The Tigers, to which Teruaki Sato belongs, are now in second place, within zero game of the Swallows, with only two games remaining including today's game.

The Tigers need to win the remaining two games to win the championship, and TERUAKI's performance there seemed to be the reason for RENI's tears.

TERUAKI was thought to be the one to win the Rookie of the Year title, but after the summer, his condition suddenly went downhill and he was even dropped to the second team for a while.

The final game for the Tigers is on October 26, and I wonder if RENI will be able to shed tears of joy once again.