SHIORI has been injured for a month.

According to reports in various media, it was learned on the 12th that SHIORI of MCZ was injured in an accident during the recording of a program, injuring her right index finger.

The paid video distribution service "Paravi" (an online distribution platform channel jointly operated by TV Tokyo and TBS) announced the news.

At around 2:30 p.m. on October 11, SHIORI experienced a tire change at a maintenance shop near the Kanto region.

During the process of removing the tire from the vehicle, she caught the first joint of her right index finger in the joint between the tire and the nut, causing a laceration.
An ambulance was then arranged.

The injury is said to have a total recovery time of one month.

SHIORI has released the following comments on her official website.

I'm sorry for causing you all to worry.

I was also upset by the sudden injury, but now I'm calm after receiving proper treatment.

I believe in the power of human beings to heal, and I will take lots of nutrition and heal quickly, so please wait for me.

Please be careful with your injuries.