The annual "daily calendar" is introduced.

Asao Inoue, the editor-in-chief of "HUSTLE PRESS" magazine, which has a particularly strong connection with MCZ and publishes MCZ's birthday book every year, tweeted about the production of MCZ's daily calendar for next year.

Every year, MCZ sells a "daily flip calendar" as merchandise.

On a piece of paper that is turned over one day at a time, a message is written by each member in turn.

According to the editor-in-chief, the calendar for 2022 already contains messages (by MCZ members ) about the Beijing Olympics and the Soccer World Cup in Qatar.

The calendar will be sold in limited quantities on November 1. 



Anonymous said…
Thank you for the news as always. By the way, you have a typo at the beginning ("HUTSLE"). I think I even saw mcz and the editor talking about the creation of the calender in one of the 24h ustream a long time ago, where it was uncommon for idols to release a calender with only text and no pictures. Happy to see that now again!
Thank you very much for pointing out the spelling mistakes. (Sorry we haven't been able to improve our level.)

There was Ustream, wasn't there? We missed it.
We did a quick search and found that the official channel archives are all still available.
There were 541 videos! If you have time, please enjoy them.