AYAKA has developed another new merchandise.

An announcement program to promote "AYAKARNIVAL 2021", an idol festival organized by AYAKA to be held tomorrow, was distributed on Youtube today. (The archive is still available. See the bottom of the page.)

In this program, they announced the goods to be sold this time, and among them was a new product called "Harisen".

"Harisen" is a thick piece of paper folded into a bellows shape, invented by a comedian in Osaka in the Showa era (1926-1989), and used to hit people in the face or head in comedy.

A good "harisen" is one that makes a loud sound without hurting.

Since it was invented in Osaka, it has been used as a cheering item for soccer teams and basketball teams whose home teams are in Osaka.

The Osaka-based Orix Buffaloes, who won the NPB's Pacific League championship this year, also use Harisen as their goods.

AYAKA seems to have turned to this tool because it is difficult to cheer out loud with the Corona disaster. In the video, she says

"I made this because I thought everyone could not speak up.”

Please watch the video to see what kind of goods it is.