JA-NAMIE held a live performance (can be seen on Youtube)

Today, JA-NAMIE (Namie Joshi Hatsu Kumiai), of which AYAKA is the PPP, held its 7th annual convention in the parking lot of Namie Town Hall.

(AYAKA's title is "Playing Producer," but her fans added the adjective "pink" to call her PPP.)

The live performance was streamed at the following address, and can be viewed from the archive.


In Japan, where the situation of coronavirus infection has improved, the implementation of live music and other events has gradually been revived, and the live performance in Namie Town, Fukushima Prefecture was realized after six months.

However, four of the JA-NAMIE members (Aira, Moeka Suzuki, Yuduki Ichikawa, Hana Kojima), who also work with AmeFURASSHI, were unable to attend due to an live in Nagoya on the same day.

The remaining four members (Ayaka Sasaki, Chiho Takai, Runa Naito, and Kana Harima) attended the meeting. 

This was the first visit to Namie for Kana, a new member.

The first song of the concert (Namie no Wa) had some audio problems, but Ayaka covered it well and the concert seemed to be a success.