RENI celebrated her best friend's birthday with a "sleepover".

In RENI's updated Instagram, it is disclosed that she booked a hotel room for her best friend's birthday to celebrate.

Here is a summary of the RENI's comments.

It was my best friend's birthday the other day.
She is a very important friend who supports me at all times.
Happy birthday!

The person RENI stayed with and celebrated with was "SATSUKI", an actress four years older than her. This time it was her 32nd birthday.

On this Instagram, she is seen spending time in her hotel room.
There are photos of them sitting on the bed in matching denim and black T-shirts, wearing pajamas, and decorating the bed to celebrate their birthday.

SATSUKI also commented on her Instagram as follows.

The other day, RENI celebrated with me a little early, even though I was busy, and it was a surprise.
I'm so happy to see her.
I was so happy to feel so much love.

She seemed to be pleased with RENI's surprise blessing.