RENI was featured in Monthly Tigers.

It was announced that an interview with RENI will be featured in the December issue of "Monthly Tigers" to be released on December 1st.

"Monthly Tigers" is a magazine supporting the Hanshin Tigers with a history of over 500 issues since its first issue in 1978.

This time, the magazine announced that RENI would be interviewed in the interview section by Yasuhito Shimao, a former player.

RENI commented on her Insta-story as follows.

It's a dream come true that I'm going to appear in 'Monthly Tigers'.



Anonymous said…
Great news! May I ask whether it would be possible for you to roughly translate the interview or give a brief view of its contents, if you get the December issue?
Thank you for your comment.
To tell you the truth, I'm not a fan of the Tigers, but of another team (the Buffaloes, who are currently competing in the Japan Series...).
Since you commented on it, I will definitely buy it when it is released and report on its contents. (This will be my first time to buy it...)
Please wait for a while until the release date.