RENI was featured prominently on the "another front page" of the newspaper.

RENI was featured prominently on the "another front page" of this morning's issue of "Daily Sports".
The "Daily Sports" is one of the six major sports newspapers in Japan, and is known for its constant support of the Tigers.

The paper's female photographer reported the story on Twitter.

The "aother front page" is the 32nd page of a 32-page newspaper.

It is commonly referred to as the "Ura ichi men (means 'another front page')" because it is the most prominent page after the front cover (page 1).

The gist of RENI's comments in the article is as follows.

It was a year when my life really changed completely.
There's not a day that goes by that I don't think about baseball. I check the news and live broadcasts, and I used to only search for "Reni-chan" on Twitter, but lately I've been looking up "Hanshin Tigers," "Reni-chan," and "Teruaki Sato".
I've never been so addicted to something in my life.
I also went to see the game at Yokohama Stadium where Teruaki Sato got his first hit in 60 at bats with my mother, and I cried so much that I was told I would cry so much.
In an interview after the season, Teruaki said that there were days when he couldn't sleep, and I guess I took the liberty of overlapping that with the times when I struggled and things didn't go well.
Although we are in different genres, there were many times when I was not in good shape or the flow was not good.
However, I'm glad that Teruaki said he was a fan even though he had seen me like that, so I decided to support him without wavering because I wanted to return the favor.
I also went to Koshien (home of the Tigers) to cheer for them. I felt happier than at Disneyland.
The cheers were truly amazing.
Hanshin (Tigers) fans are our strongest allies, so I think there's nothing to be afraid of.
I'd like to see Teruaki Sato take a full swing in the Climax Series, and if I'm being selfish, I'd like to see the Z pose.
People often think that I'm friends with Teruaki, but I've never really met him, so please write that in the headline. I'd like to meet him sometime (laughs).

Unfortunately, the Tigers lost today's game, and Teruaki Sato, who RENI is rooting for, came on as a substitute batter in the eighth inning but struck out.

The Tigers will be eliminated from the series with one more loss. They must win the remaining two games against the Giants.