RENI will perform at Yatsui Ichiro's event.

It has been announced that RENI will participate in the event "Yatsui Ichiro's Birthday Party: The Great Song Contest" organized by Yatsui Ichiro (Elekic Comic), which will be held at TSUTAYA O-EAST in Tokyo on November 16.

Yatsui ichiro is active in the comedy duo "Electric Comic" as well as music and DJ activities.

Since 2012, he has been organizing an annual music event called "Yatsui Fes", which has become bigger and bigger every year, with nearly 100 groups performing.

This time, RENI will perform at Ichiro Yatsui's event for the first time in two years.

She will participate in the "Big Song Contest" where the guests perform one song each that they "want to sing now" with the jazz band Calmera in the background, and she will also be the assistant MC for this project.