"Anison Days" is now available.

The program "Anison Days" featuring MCZ, which was aired yesterday on BS11, is now available on BS11's "On Demand" page.

Usually, similar distribution pages are restricted for overseas viewing due to rights issues.

However, BS11's official website has the following FAQ.

Question: Is it possible to watch it overseas?

Answer: It is possible to watch it. However, depending on your location, you may not be able to use it comfortably due to line problems. Please note that depending on the contents of your line contract, roaming fees, etc. may be expensive.

The following is the page.
(This page will be discontinued at 10:30 p.m. on December 31, 2021.)

We'd love to hear if you were able to view it successfully, so please let me know in the comments with your area.

The following two songs were performed by MCZ this time.

  • "Z no chikai (means 'the oath of Z')" (theme song for the movie "Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection of "F"")
  • "Believe" (TV anime "Mobile Suit Gundam SEED" opening theme song)

Another guest appearing with her is Hiroko Moriguchi. 


Anonymous said…
Thank you for the news! Wow, I did not expect it but luckily I can see it without issues. Thank you very much and kind regards from Berlin!
Kim said…
Thank you for posting this! I was able to watch from the USA.
Anonymous said…
From Delhi, it was OK. Thank you.
Anonymous said…
Also seen in Taipei. Thanks!
Anonymous said…
I was able to see it from Sao Paulo. Thank you, even though it took me a while to write.