MCZ can be caught in the AEON mall.

Molly Fantasy, an amusement center (game center) that has many stores in the large shopping center AEON Mall in Japan, has announced that it will collaborate with Momoiro Clover Z.

From January 7, 2022 ,original character products of Momoiro Clover Z will be offered as prizes in crane games.

The title of the collaboration is "Molly Clover Z".

According to the article, the version wearing the "Momoiro Punch" outfit is 17cm tall, but the "Z Legend" version is said to be a large 30cm tall.

Also, the version in the "Mirai Bowl" costume (12cm tall) seems to emit voice. Apparently, there are three different voices registered for each of them.

Some of the tweets from a mononofu who saw this was as follows

This one is cuter than the official MCZ product.
I thought that was the limit until now, but you can make them so cute.