MCZ members made an "important report".

Today, without warning, the MCZ members released a Youtube video titled "Important Report to Mononofu" with the following comment.

Dear Mononofu!
Thank you for all your support.
All the members are really grateful for your support.
We have an important announcement that we really need to tell you.
We've prepared this video for you in a hurry.
Momoclo is now in our mid-twenties, and we have discussed the future together, and have come to a conclusion.
We have come to one conclusion.

In a serious atmosphere, the comment "big announcement" started, which made Mononofu nervous.

However, the whole thing was a kind of joke.

The content of the announcement was that a fan site and application for Stardust Planets (idol groups belonging to Stardust) titled "Starcomu" would be launched.