"Momoiro Uta Gassen" will be held today.

As previously announced, the fifth annual "Momoiro Uta Gassen" will be held in the audience for the first time in two years.

Hosted by Momoiro Clover Z, the event will be broadcast live for 8 hours with over 50 artists as guests.

The venue this year is the Nippon Budokan.

The singing contest will be settled before midnight (the rules are to divide the singers into red and white groups and compete for the viewer's points). Then MCZ's New Year's Eve live performance will be held.

In previous years, MCZ has performed "Ikuze! kaitou shoujo" It has become a standard practice to welcome the New Year's time signal at the moment when KANAKO does the shrimp jump.

The broadcast will be carried out by several media, but on the Internet, AbemaTV will broadcast the entire event live for eight hours from 17:00 on December 31 (Fri.) to 01:00 on January 1 (Sat.) (Japan time).

As usual, AbemaTV will not allow overseas viewing.

However, there is a way to watch it using a VPN service, so if you are interested, please search the Internet and give it a try.

The broadcast will be held at the following URL.