Reindeer's RENI delivers a talk.

Recently, 80-year-old Nakamoto Koji of the legendary Japanese group "The Drifters", who collaborated on a live performance of comedy and music at the Nippon Budokan with Momoiro Clover Z, held a talk show on his Youtube channel with RENI as a guest.

The program was broadcasted on the afternoon of December 24, and it is all archived and can be viewed on Youtube (link at the bottom).

The other performer (on the right of the screen) is Takagi Boo (the oldest member of The Drifters at 88 years old), and the three performers here are the members of "Kaminari-sama" who performed a skit at the recent concert.

RENI also became a member of Kaminari-sama, and the part where he performed a skit with the three of them became quite a topic of conversation, and was repeatedly aired on TV wide shows the next day.

This time, RENI dressed up as a reindeer and talked with the two veterans in a relaxed manner for about 90 minutes.