Setlist of DAY1. (P.S.) DAY2 also.

Currently, "Momoiro Christmas 2021" is being performed at Saitama Super Arena, as it was yesterday.

We were able to guess the setlist for Day 1 yesterday by combining information from various Mononofu tweets.

(Please note that this information was not officially announced, so there may be some errors. Please forgive us.)

In the 2019 Christmas Live held the year before last, the setlist was announced immediately after the show by the official account of King Records as a playlist on subscription sites such as Spotify. It might happen again this time.

(The speculated setlist)

  2. Mahoro vacation
  3. DNA Rhapsody
  4. Manatsu no Sun-Sun Summertime
  5. Demonstration
  7. Hashire!
  8. Zenryoku Shoujo
  9. "Z" no chikai
  10.  Santa-san (It seems that RENI didn't do magic this year.)
  11.  Tsukiiro Chainon
  12.  Shiroi Kaze
  13.  BUTTOBI!
  14.  HOLIDAY
  15.  Sweet Wanderer
  16.  Koyooi Live no moto de
  17.  Hai to Diamond
  18.  The Diamond Four
  19.  Chai maxx 
  20.  The Show
  1.  Moretsu Uchu Kokyokyoku 7th Gakusho Mugen no ai
  2.  Kuroi shumatsu
  3.  Sora no Curtain

A total of 23 songs so far.

The producer KAWAKAMI tweeted only one shot of the inside of the venue during the performance. 

As expected, the setlist for the two days was released as a playlist on the official King Records Twitter after the show.