We finally got our hands on "Monthly Tigers".

As previously reported, we were able to obtain the December issue of "Monthly Tigers," in which the interview with RENI was published.

We'd like to give you the gist of it as best we can below.

First of all, the first half of the interview was about how the Tigers' teamwork and the enthusiasm of their fans might have something in common with MCZ.

RENI responded to this by commenting on the style that MCZ has developed, such as the fact that MCZ has been sweating like an athlete, which is different from the cute idol image, and the fact that producer KAWAKAMI requested an unusual style, such as using pro-wrestling as a motif. 

In the latter half of the article, RENI describes her impressions of the Tigers after cheering for them for the past six months.

Although it has not been revealed so far, RENI has gone to see Tigers games three times this season in her private life.

She went to Yokohama Stadium (home of the Bay Stars), Jingu Stadium (home of the Swallows), and Koshien Stadium (home of the Tigers).

Her comment on this is as follows.

-- When you went to Koshien Stadium, didn't the people around you find out?

Yes, they did. To be honest, I had a fearful image of Hanshin fans.

When I told people that I had become a fan, I felt that people who had been fans for a long time would not think well of me.

That's why I've been rooting for the Tigers for the past year, trying to become a fan that would overturn those words.

But when I went to Koshien Stadium, I was impressed by how kind and welcoming the fans were.

They taught me a lot. After the game, they showed me around the stadium and even showed me where the convenience store was.

But Teruaki Sato didn't get a hit then, and I cried when I saw him get his first hit in 60 days at Yokohama Stadium.

Another question was what kind of gaze RENI uses to watch the Tigers' games.

RENI answered that she looks at it from both the pitcher's and the hitter's perspective.

She said that sometimes, in her own way, she also thinks about the starting lineup, and at the end of the article, RENI announces the best members she imagines..

And the article ends with a joke that the interviewer will tell this to Director Yano. 


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