2,000 people have given up on attending Sunday's concert on site.

Last night, MCZ's producer KAWAKAMI sent out an audio feed via Twitter, giving information about MCZ's "13th Anniversary Concert" scheduled for this Sunday at Makuhari Messe (Chiba Prefecture).

The gist of it is as follows.

  • The members of MCZ are in good health and are rehearsing for the concert.
  • In light of the spread of the new coronavirus, They are offering refunds to those who have purchased tickets, or switching to viewing via streaming. (Depends on each individual's wishes.)
  • The number of people who have done so is about 2,000. The event will be held with more space between seats to accommodate the reduced number of visitors.

According to our information, the number of tickets initially sold was 7,000, so it seems that two-sevenths of the audience decided not to attend the event.

This week in Japan, a number of people in the entertainment industry have been reported to be infected with the new coronavirus, leading to changes in the cast of TV programs and the cancellation of live concerts and stage plays.

MCZ's concert is scheduled to open at 16:00 on the 23rd. We hope that the event will be held safely. 

The subtitle of this concert is "Again, to its ahead."