A new documentary on MCZ will be released.

It has been announced that the MCZ's documentary film "Momoiro Clover Z: The Other Side of Idol" (tentative title) will be screened at the "TBS Documentary Film Festival 2022" to be held in Shibuya, Tokyo from March 18 to 24.

The "TBS Documentary Film Festival" is a project to screen TBS's news documentaries in the form of movies.

This year, 11 films will be screened, one of which is a film by MCZ.

Today, the trailer for the entire festival was released, and MCZ was briefly featured in it.

The film festival will be held in Shibuya and then in theaters nationwide. 


Anonymous said…
Great! I hope there will be a way for overseas fans to watch this documentary
We'd love for the world to see it.
We hope it will be some kind of distribution or disc...