MCZ sings the same song as BiSH and others.

Kishidan's tribute album "All Night Carnival" will be released on March 30.

Kishidan is a male band group that is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year, and every year they host a large scale music festival called "Kishidan Banpaku (means Kishidan Expo)" in their hometown of Kisarazu, Chiba Prefecture.

MCZ are regulars at this festival and have been performing there since 2012.

This album is a cover of their signature song "One Night Carnival" by 11 different artists.
It is the same song, but each group will have their own unique arrangement.

The participating artists have already been announced, and in addition to MCZ, the lineup includes BiSH, ISSA (DA PUMP), Ayumi Hamasaki, Kumi Koda, Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra, WANIMA, Noritake Kinashi and other singers who don't usually appear in the same scene.

This song is famous for the famous line at the beginning, "Ore-n-toko Konai-ka? (means 'Won't you come to my place?')" at the beginning of the song, and we're looking forward to MCZ's arrangement.

- Kisidan's original 'One Night Carnival'