RENI was hurriedly put in charge of a late-night radio program as a substitute.

RENI will be taking over the regular radio show of "First Summer Uika", an idol from the same era as MCZ, who was active in BiS and BILLE IDOL.

'First Summer Uika' is currently active in many fields as a singer, TV personality, and actress, but she has been in charge of the second part of "All Night Nippon", the most famous late night radio program in Japan, on Mondays (broadcast from 3:00 am to 4:30 am, called All Night Nippon "ZERO") for about two years. 

Last week, however, Uika tested positive for the new coronavirus in a PCR test, so she took a break from the program and was replaced by "Dekami-chan," who was scheduled to make a guest appearance that day.

RENI has a close relationship with Uika and this show, having appeared as a guest in both January of last year and January of this year.

Uika has appeared in the "Momoiro Uta Gassen" two years in a row, and it has become a tradition for her to talk about the backstage of the singing contest in the radio broadcast afterwards.

RENI's "All Night Nippon (ZERO)" will start at 27:00 midnight Japan time on January 31 (3:00 early morning on February 1) and will last for 90 minutes.

All Night Nippon (ZERO)" is also broadcasted on MixChannel, a video site, and we suspect that it will be available overseas as well. (We don't know for sure, but here is the address. Please give it a try.)



Anonymous said…
Thanks for the news, I am watching the broadcast overseas right now :)
We're glad you were able to see it.
It seems that this time the broadcast was not from the Nippon Broadcasting System studio, but remotely from the Stardust Promotion office...