SHIORI seems to be growing out her hair.

RENI and SHIORI announced their "predictions for this year" on MCZ's regular radio program "Momoiro Club xoxo" on January 2.

RENI said, "I'll be a big boss," "I'll make a baseball team," and "I'll eventually be a big boss in the entertainment industry".

-- To add to that, Tsuyoshi Shinjo, who will take over as the new manager of the NPB's Nippon Ham Fighters this year (he also played for the Tigers, whom RENI supports, when he was an active player and became a major leaguer), said at the press conference to announce his appointment as manager, "I want you to call me 'Big Boss' (don't call me manager). 

RENI seems to have taken this into consideration.

On the other hand, Shiori said, "My hair will become long".



Anonymous said…
Yes! I love when Shiori has long hair!
We can't wait to see the twintails!