An outside stage will be set up for the spring concert.

During JA-NAMIE's live performance in Sendai over the weekend, a couple of announcements were made.

One of them was that Momoiro Clover Z would be performing on a stage that would be set up inside J-VILLAGE for their spring concert (Haru no ichidai-ji).

When MCZ performs in large venues such as stadiums or grounds in the summer or spring (in some cases in the winter), it is customary to set up a separate stage in a nearby space called "Perimeter Park" during the time before the show.

This is where small music festival-like events are held, often featuring sister groups, or even idol groups from other agencies.

In the past, most of the "Perimeter Park" concerts have been free of charge.

This time, too, it was stated on the official website that you didn't need to have a ticket for "Haru no Ichidai-ji" to attend. (In other words, JA-NAMIE's performance will be free of charge.)

This time, the "Perimeter Park" was named "Kite-kunche Park".
In Fukushima dialect, "Kite-kunche" means "Come and visit us!".