AYAKA posted a message.

As we reported today, AYAKA of MCZ, who was found to be infected with COVID-19 and had to take a break, updated her Instagram after the official announcement was made and conveyed her message in text.

The summary of her message is as follows

To everyone who has always supported us
I had a PCR test for the new coronavirus and it came out positive on February 1st.
I'm really sorry for causing trouble and worry to everyone I've been working with and was planning to work with in the future.
To all the Mononofu who have always supported me, I'm really sorry for making you worry. I'm also sorry to all the members of Momoclo
.. (Apologies to the members of JA-NAMIE follow.)
I have no symptoms at the moment, so I'm recovering at home.
I'm going to rest and heal well.
I apologize to the medical staff and the public health center for the extra work.
Thank you very much.

In response to this, many Mononofu commented that there was no need for AYAKA to apologize, and that it was Corona who was at fault. 


Kim said…
Get well Ayaka!!
All mononofu think so!