JA-NAMIE's "self-introduction song" is now available.

JA-NAMIE (Namie Joshi Hatsu Kumiai), produced by AYAKA Sasaki of Momoiro Clover Z, will release their first album "Hana emu" on February 23.

Ahead of the release, a live video of the new song "Ou-Bai-Tou-ri Yume Monogatari", which is also the group's self-introduction song, has been released.

The name "Ou-Bai-Tou-ri Yume Monogatari" means "'cherry blossom, plum, peach, prune' and 'dream story'."

The phrase "Ou-Bai-Tou-ri" is an idiom that refers to the fact that each of the flowers blooms in its own way.

This title expresses the hope that the eight members will make the most of their individuality and realize their dreams.

The video is from the live performance held at LINE CUBE Shibuya on December 11 last year.


Today, one of the members of JA-NAMIE, Kana Harima, tested positive for the coronavirus in the PCR test and will be taking some time off. (Her symptoms are reported to be mild, with only a mild sore throat.)

The leader of JA-NAMIE, AYAKA of MCZ, is also taking a break due to the positive test, but KANA was scheduled to perform on a different theatrical stage from JA-NAMIE starting this weekend. And some of the performers there also tested positive, so the route of infection is unknown. (KANA's scheduled performance was unfortunately cancelled.)

We hope that all the members will be healthy soon.