RENI appreciated the cherry blossoms in Okinawa.

RENI held a solo concert, "Haisai RENI-chan," in July 2017 in Nakijin Village, Okinawa Prefecture (in the northern part of the main island of Okinawa, where the World Heritage Site of Nakijin Castle is located).

However, in August of the following year, due to typhoon damage, the stone walls that made up part of the Nakijin Castle ruins collapsed.

At the time, it was reported that RENI had visited the site again with her family out of concern for the situation.

This time, the tourism association of Nakijin Village revealed that RENI had donated money for the reconstruction of the castle wall.

According to the tourist association, In order to cherish the relationship since then, on the event was called "Purple Day." ('The Cherry Blossom Festival' is held for about a week, but the "Purple Day" was on February 4.)

Unfortunately, this event was without audience, but it was broadcast live on Youtube, and the archive is still available. (Bottom row)

RENI updated her Instagram and posted a photo of Nakijin Village and mentioned that she had seen this online event.

She also thanked for playing her solo song "3 Letters of Treasure" at the event.