The four members of MCZ released a video on tiktok.

Momoiro Clover Z released their regularly scheduled live talk show titled "Jiyu (means 'Freedom')" on Youtube last night.

During the show (about 20 minutes after the above link), the girls shot a tiktok video at RENI's suggestion.

The video is a 15-second clip of the song "YONA YONA DANCE", which can be seen on RENI's tiktok account.

"YONA YONA DANCE" is a hit song released last year by legendary Japanese blues singer Akiko WADA, who is also a close friend of MCZ. (The official video is at the link below, and has been viewed over 15 million times. English lyrics are also available with subtitles.)


@reni_takagi 全員集合!#yonayonadance踊ってみた #momoclo ♬ YONA YONA DANCE - Akiko Wada