The "Momoclo Fireworks" will be broadcast live.

In April 2019, MCZ held a spring concert "Haru no ichi daiji" in Kurobe City, Toyama Prefecture.

Tomorrow, a fireworks display will be held in Kurobe City to commemorate the city's 15th anniversary.

The title of the event is "The 76th Unazuki Onsen Snow Carnival: Momoclo Music Fireworks" ('Unazuki Onsen' is a prominent tourist attraction in Kurobe City, famous for its hot springs.), and the fireworks will be set off to the music of Momoiro clover Z.

The event will be broadcast live on MCZ's official Youtube site (see below).
And it will be held on Saturday, February 5th from 20:30 Japan time.

Let's enjoy the winter fireworks with Momoclo's music. 

-- postscript 
Looks like RENI is in the area.

-- postscript 2 
The live broadcast has ended, but the archive seems to be still available.
The first ten minutes were a greeting from the mayor of Kurobe and an interview with RENI.
After that, RENI seemed to have enjoyed the fireworks with the mayor and producer KAWAKAMI.