Today is the Day of Prayer

We hope you will forgive me for talking about MCZ's sister group today.

February 8 is the anniversary of the death of Rina Matsuno, a member of Shiritsu Ebisu Chugaku.

It has been five years since her sudden death.

Since this morning, many members of the Ebi-Chu family (Shiritsu Ebisu-Chugaku's fans are called "family") have been tweeting various messages.

The official Twitter of Shiritsu Ebisu Chugaku posted a link to the video of the song "Nanairo" with just a comment "Ohayo gozaimasu (means 'Good Morning.')".

"Nanairo" is pronounced the same as "7, 1, 6" in Japanese, indicating RINA's birthday, July 16.

This video has already been viewed over 2.3 million times. Many 'family' have also written in the comment section.


Yesterday, Hinata Kashiwagi updated Stapla blog, writing at the end of the sentence, "I'm going to see her tomorrow."
Various members are remembering her in various ways this year, too.

-- postscript
Mai Haruna of ex-Takoyaki Rainbow, the younger sister group of MCZ, posted a picture of a blue sky on Instagram. (RINA's color is blue.)
Mai commented..
The sky was so blue.
I'll always love you.


Kim said…
Thank you for posting this.
Let's look at the blue sky once a year and remember her song voice..