A junior spoke about MOMOKA.

HINATA Kashiwagi of Shiritsu Ebisu Chugaku, the younger sister group of Momoiro Clover Z, has been on a solo live tour in six cities across Japan over the course of about a month starting in late February.

The Nagoya show was held yesterday, where she made a comment about MOMOKA Ariyasu, a former member of MCZ.

(HINATA and MOMOKA were at one time a unit called the "Tenkasu Trio. (The other was CHIYURI, formerly of TEAM SHACHIHOKO.))

HINATA's concert was held at Nagoya Diamond Hall, which happened to be the same venue where MOMOKA's solo concert was held a day earlier. (MOMOKA was also in the middle of her solo live tour, performing six shows in five cities across Japan.)

-- The venue's official website shows a photo of the two of them side by side.


The following is a summary of HINATA's comments during the concert.

Last time I contacted MOMOKA because it was her birthday.
So we are doing a concert the next day at the same place, we talked about doing our best for each other.
I am glad that I was able to sing the songs of "Tenkasu Trio" again today, although it was a solo performance.
Although we are in different places now, she is still an important senior.

On this day, HINATA sang a song from the "Tenkasu Trio" as a solo. 


Anonymous said…
That's really great to hear! At times like these, I wonder whether Momoclo still privately keeps in touch with Momoka. I think in one of their last radio shows with Momoka, Reni said that the two of them should still hang out and go eat something together. I hope they do...
Thank you for the news as always.
Kim said…
Yep, I miss Momoka... I think she brought a lot to Momoclo and it's sad that she left.
Since she moved to a new office, they can no longer talk about their former group in public, but we would like to believe that they are still in contact with each other in informal situations...