All Night Carnival's teaser video is now available.

As previously announced, the Kishidan tribute album "All Night Carnival" will be released tomorrow.

It consists of all 11 songs of their signature song "One Night Carnivall," with 11 artists performing their own arrangements of the song.

The teaser video has been released this time, and each artist's part is connected in a relay system.

MCZ will be the 11th and last artist to appear. Please take a look at it.

The 11 artists are as follows

  1. Ayumi Hamasaki
  3. Noritake Kinashi
  4. Shonan no Kaze
  5. BiSH
  6. m.c.A.T & ISSA (DP)
  7. Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra
  8. Sho Kiryuin from Golden Bomber
  9. Uchikubi-Gokumon Dokokai
  10. Kumi Koda
  11. Momoiro Clover Z


The spotify link is here.