MCZ members were reported safe.

Late last night (around 23:36), a magnitude 7.4 earthquake occurred with its epicenter off the coast of Fukushima Prefecture.

In Japan, the intensity of a quake is measured on a scale of 0 to 7.
This time, the largest quake reported to have been in Miyagi Prefecture at a level of "6-plus".

Which are closely related to the MCZ, the earthquake was measured at a level of "6-minus" in Namie Town and Naraha Town, and at "5-plus" in Hirono Town. (The "6-minus" was the same intensity as that observed in these towns 11 years ago during the Great East Japan Earthquake.)

The Tohoku Shinkansen bullet train, which connects Tokyo to Fukushima, Sendai, and other Tohoku regions, derailed in Miyagi Prefecture (no one was injured) and is out of service for the time being.

In the Kanto region, the quake caused power outages in about 2 million households, affecting a wide area.

Coincidentally, yesterday evening, MCZ's producer KAWAKAMI tweeted a video from the J-VILLAGE area in Fukushima Prefecture. (bottom row)

Presumably, they were there to do preliminary research for a spring concert to be held next month.

Only a few hours later, a major earthquake hit the area, and many Mononofus posted comments of concern.

In light of these reactions, at after midnight, KAWAKAMI producer tweeted the following comment.

I know many of you are in a difficult situation right now.
Our members are fine.