RENI released a solo single song.

RENI Takagi of MCZ is scheduled to perform her annual solo concert "Marugoto Reni-chan" next week from March 7 to 9 in Osaka, Aichi, and Kanagawa.

RENI has been releasing a new solo song every year at the time of this concert, and a new song has been released this year as well. (It is only available digitally and you can listen to it on subscription sites. We'll direct you to the spotify link at the bottom.)

The title of the song is "Ja nai hou."

It is difficult to translate, but it means "the usual RENI that is not the idol RENI."

The part of "that is not the.." corresponds to "Ja nai hou" in Japanese.

In the lyrics, the song expresses the wish that "I'll show you my bad side when I'm off, so please show me your bad side too" and "I want to share with each other and keep going forward".

The jacket photo released shows two contrasting RENI: the princess of "Reni-chan WORLD," which symbolizes the 'ON' RENI, and the simple figure of 'OFF' RENI: "Ja nai hou".