Fireworks Display to be Broadcast Live after Spring Live DAY 1

It has been announced that after the end of "Haru no ichi daiji 2022" DAY1 scheduled for this Saturday, the "Night Cherry Blossom Viewing Party" fireworks display in Namie town to be held that night will be broadcast live on "StaCommu".

The live stream will be broadcasted on Momoiro Clover Z's account, so please follow us and wait for it. The information is displayed on the screen.

It has been officially announced that StaCommu supports foreign languages and viewing from overseas.

It seems that there are two ways to view the site: by installing an application and viewing it on a mobile device, or by viewing it from the web screen.

Usually there is a charge for this content, but for this fireworks display, it is free of charge.

For more details, please check the StaCommu website.