[Haruichi Report 2] Strong Wind

On DAY 1, the weather was calm until the time the concert started, but at about the same time as the show began, a strong wind suddenly began to blow.

The wind was blowing from left to right, almost in one direction, from the audience's point of view.

Naturally, the microphone into which MCZ sang also recorded the sound of the wind. The sound crew must have had a lot of trouble with this.

It also affected the costumes of the dancing MCZ.

Of course, various countermeasures were taken, but there were several scenes where KANAKO's skirt was rolled up so high that it covered her face.

Each time, KANAKO responded to the mononofus with a cute smile.

As mentioned in the official live report, "Kibou no mukou e (means 'Beyond Hope')" was included in the setlist this time with piano support by KOHEI Munemoto.

The song begins with the following lyrics. (The part was sung by RENI.)

If a strong wind blows and the light goes out...

The song matched the scene at the site, and Mononofus was drawn into the world of the song.

And the song concludes as follows

Let's walk slowly to the beyond side of hope, we won't let go of your hand.

This seemed to overlap with the situation of Fukushima for 11 years.