KANAKO will play the main character in the drama.

KANAKO Momota of Momoiro Clover Z will play the lead role in the drama.

The show will be called "Boku no Dai Suki na Tsuma! (measn 'My favorite wife!')" and will be broadcast eight times starting in June.

It will be aired on Saturday nights on the Fuji Television network (produced by Tokai Television) on a nationwide network.

According to the announcement, this will be Ms. Momota's first starring role in a drama series.

She will play the main character who lives life to the fullest, despite running into obstacles.

The address to automatically translate the program's official website, which was released today, is as follows.



Kim said…
Very excited about this! I enjoyed the last drama that she had a role in (Kotaro wa Hitorigurashi).
Her acting is always well received, isn't it?
This time she seems to be playing a difficult role as "a housewife with developmental disabilities."
We can't wait to see her play.