MCZ will participate in Noritake's album.

Today, legendary comedian and bicycle seller Noritake Kinashi (Tunnels), who is hosting a music festival at Ryogoku Kokugikan that will also feature MCZ (unfortunately, as we reported yesterday, SHIORI and AYAKA were unable to attend), announced that he will release a new album on June 1.

It was announced that the album will include a collaboration song with Momoiro Clover Z (title is very long, see below), which is already available as a digital single.

The DVD included in the limited first edition will also include a music video with MCZ.

The album also features collaborations with a number of other major artists. (Not only big name artists, but it also includes a song written by "Zacky," a truck driver for a transportation company.)

RINO SASHIHARA, formerly of AKB48 and also closely associated with MCZ, appears to have participated in a duet with Noritake.

As previously mentioned, the titles of the songs in which MCZ participates are as follows.

"Saikou na Mainichi ni Surutame ni
Jibun kara Attack shite Kotoba ni Kiwotuke
Mood yoku susumeru you
Shikake wa hayame Subete Omoshirogari
Kotae wa oioi Yattekurukuruku--ru Z!!
Tsumari, Kotae Sagashi no Mainichi wo!
feat. Momoiro clover Z & NoriKuro"

The translation would probably be something like this (although it is difficult)

"To make the best of every day.
Attack on your own, but be careful what you say.
Make sure you are in the right mood.
Do it early and make it all fun.
The answers will come gradually..come,come Z!
In other words, "Search for answers every day!"
feat. Momoiro clover Z & NoriKuro"