RENI revealed an off-shot from her TV appearance.

RENI updated her Instagram and posted an outfit from her appearance on "Sanma Goten," which aired last night on Nippon Television's nationwide network.

"Sanma Goten" is a popular talk variety show with many guests and facilitated by the legendary Japanese comedian Sanma Akashiya.

In this broadcast, RENI's comments caused such a stir that they made the news on the Internet.

During the program, an episode about a high school girl was introduced.

She was asked by a boy who had a crush on her at school, "Do you have a minute? The first time, he was called out.
When they were alone and I was thrilled, he said this
I've always have nose hairs."
She was so shocked that..

Such was the episode.

On this topic, Sanma asked RENI, "What do you want me to do in such a situation?".

RENI responded as follows.

If it's a boy I like, I want him to take it.
He doesn't say anything, but he comes up to my face and 'Pi!'.. 
And he take it.
And 'God's lost and found!' I want him to say that.

This outlandish answer seems to have generated a huge response.